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Debut Photography Exhibit

16th Dec 2011 Blog, SpotLiGHT Comments Off on Debut Photography Exhibit

To Everyone Who Attended My Debut Photography Exhibit

Thank you for your wonderful show of support! I’m on cloud nine and this being my very first solo exhibit, its all the more special. Your kind words about my collection were extremely encouraging, and as an artist, I couldn’t have asked for more.

A fabulous ambience at the Ivanhoe Historic Building, a lovely Latin jazz band, and of course some delectable hors d’oeuvres and wine – everything was just about perfect! Really, the joyful and celebratory mood was palpable.

The great American photographer Ansel Adams said “There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer.” I’m happy that you felt the same way when you saw the photos as I did when I clicked them. Recreating the magic of the scene is a tough challenge for photographers; it is what differentiates a mediocre photo from a superlative one. I put my heart and soul into The Caribbean: A Coastal Experience Collection and I want you to know that your validation means a lot to me.


A big thank you goes out to Ivanhoe Artist’s Mosaic (IAM)…

…for making my photography debut so memorable. You truly nurture artists and perform the great service of imparting art and cultural education to the community.

Your enthusiasm, warm welcome and motivational words will always stay with me. Thanks again, and keep up the excellent work.


A bohemian at heart

As a world traveler, you see and experience so much. But it is the true passion for capturing the sights, beauty, pain and sorrow around you through your camera lens that allow you to share it with the world. A picture is a constant reminder of beauty and all that is meaningful and special. I want to enable this through my love for photography.

The bohemian nature of my job has presented a ton of opportunities, and I have seized them with relish. And I will never stop seizing them! In the future, I want to transcend limits and use my lens to create images that astound and evoke emotions. That is ultimately the objective of any photographer.


My photos are now on sale

I want to take this opportunity to tell you that my photos from The Caribbean: A Coastal Experience Collection are now available for sale as ‘print only’ or ‘framed’. You can reach me via e-mail at  Elvin@SentioPhotography.com or by phone at 201-747-1539.


I look forward to hearing from you!



Solo Exhibition

1st Dec 2011 Blog, SpotLiGHT Comments Off on Solo Exhibition

Elvin Serrano’s Solo Exhibition


I am thrilled to announce my solo exhibition on Friday, December 9, 2011. This event is open to the public and will be held at Ivanhoe Historic Building, 4 Spruce St, Paterson.  Admission is free of charge!


The event is hosted by the Ivanhoe Artists Mosaic, a non-profit organization committed to nurturing the arts in Paterson, New Jersey. Part of the sales proceeds from the event will be directed towards promoting the arts and helping maintain Ivanhoe as a space for Paterson Arts and an outreach program to the community.


I am very excited about sharing my work which showcases my unique, creative, and natural style to landscape and travel photography. My background enables me to capture images that at first glance appear simple but quickly reveal a soul-stirring, dynamic and captivating experience to the viewer.


My collection features spectacular landscape, nature and travel photographs, professionally printed and finished to the highest possible standards. I am confident that this exhibition will be a heartening journey for you, urging you take a deep breath of serenity and marvel at the beauty of nature, and remember the quintessence of life and the spectacular scenery that the world has to offer. I cordially invite you to come and see breathtaking and stunning moments in time and space, captured on camera. Whether you are a photography or art connoisseur, I am confident my images will delight you.


Be sure to come to the opening reception Friday, December 9, from 6:00 pm – 11:00 pm if you are in the area! Come and enjoy something to eat and drink – there will be refreshments and wine. The ambience will be pleasant and fun-filled – there will be entertainment from a DJ and a live performance from a jazz quartet.  This is all free of charge.


The exhibition will run for 4 weeks from the 9th of December 2011 to 9th of January 2011, and the photos will be on display during this timeframe. If you can’t make it for the opening reception on Friday the 9th, I hope you can visit during this timeframe.


I hope you can join me, and I look forward to meeting you.





Ivanhoe Historic Building

4 Spruce St in Paterson

NJ (across from the Burger King).

 Parking is available at the Visitor Centre or Great Falls parking lot at McBride Ave and Spruce St intersection.



Friday December 9th 2011



6:00 pm – 11:00 pm