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Memories from the Caribbean and Greece Travel Experiences

10th May 2013 Blog, SpotLiGHT 0

 My blog is part of my growing effort to connect better with readers and fans.  I will regularly post both information and photographs on this blog, to keep everyone updated.  To begin with, here is a quick account of my activities till now.

In 2011, I held an exhibition at the Ivanhoe Artists’ Mosaic.  I am happy to say that my Caribbean Collection: A Coastal Experience was well received.  It was even covered by the Arts & Entertainment section of the Passaic County Pulse.  My journey led me to the coastal regions of Puerto Rico, Mexico, Belize, and several other places.


About my experience in Greece

I felt lucky to see some breathtaking sights, and they were promptly captured on my camera.  I present you with the collection titled Greece: History & Romance.  In this collection, I tried to capture modern and ancient Greece, and show how the two times have merged.  I would recommend Greece to all travelers.  If you are traveling to that part of the world, Greece is a must-visit place on your itinerary.


One place I have vivid images of, is the Greek isle of Santorini. Santorini or Thira is a popular tourist destination and has some truly amazing sights to see.  Santorini is far from the mainland (200 kms), yet so near.  The Greek influence is unmistakable.  I even visited Athens, the center of ancient Greek civilization.  You can see some of these images here, on my website.


New ways to connect with me

Recently, I created a Facebook account to connect with all my friends, family, and well-wishers.  I also have an account on Instagram.  All the photos you see on my Instagram account have been taken from my cell phone.  I have posted nearly 160 photographs from my travels around the world, including pictures from countries such as Egypt, Cambodia, Greece, and others.


My friends can also connect with me on my Twitter account. In addition, I have also partnered with Fine Art America.  Fine Art America is one of the best places on the internet to buy art prints, posters, framed prints, and more.  Fine Art America will be managing my website’s shopping cart, and will take care of printing, framing, matting, and packaging.  All images will be in a ready to hang condition and there is even a 30-day money guarantee in place.

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